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Welcome to Annquest Farm.

 We are situated near

 Bentley Alberta on a farm.

All our puppies and dogs are raised in our home

All our  Breeding pairs are purebred and registered.

We take pride in our very socialized and well taken care of puppies and dogs.

We only have one or two litter of Puppies a year.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is truly the “American Gentleman” of  the Pure Bred dog world.

This loyal, playful and highly intelligent little companion comes in three sizes:

Light Weights (up to 15 lbs.)

Mid-weights (up to 20 lbs.)

Heavy weights (up to 25 lbs.)

My line of Registered Boston Terriers are the Light weights.

American Bully

We produce American Bullys for conformation, working ability, health and above all else for temperament.

Our dogs are home raised and highly socialized from an early age.

Our adults are Purebred and Registered.

Annquest Farm
Owner: Christine Walker
Webmaster: Wanda Berger